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Fusion Contact specializes in business development through telemarketing, for companies offering services to other businesses (B2B). More than just a call centre, Fusion Contact joins your team as an extension of your sales department. Are your customers in Quebec, other Canadian provinces or the US? We’ll build a telemarketing team that matches the language requirements of your target markets.

Let your sales representatives focus on what brings in the most profit: closing sales. And let our professionals uncover high-quality qualified appointments.

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A skilled team that’s committed to delivering results

The Fusion Contact team is made up of telemarketing agents whose engagement level and targets reached exceed our customers’ expectations every day. How do they do it? First and foremost, they love what they do.

This means you’re represented by positive, motivated people who have a smile in their voice every time they make a call. Come see for yourself!

You benefit from representatives who master the art of approaching your customers with courtesy and professionalism.

We strive to build the self-esteem of every person who works for us, to draw on their strengths and skills, and to celebrate their achievements, both large and small.

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See for yourself why working with us makes all the difference.

Our team members excel at telemarketing. They really enjoy their work, and they’re motivated and committed.
It’s win-win!