A unique and successful approach

What if, starting Monday morning, you could have a successful telemarketing team working to meet your business development targets and achieving fast results that allow your company to continue growing efficiently and soundly?

Welcome to Fusion Contact, your new telemarketing team.

A strategy adapted to your business model

The service we provide is determined in partnership with each of our clients. Thanks to our expertise, you have access to a telemarketing team that works every day on your business development. It’s therefore critical that we tailor our offering to your circumstances, values and performance objectives. Our quality assurance team ensures you don’t get just a quantity of appointments, but that, more importantly, you get qualified business opportunities.

A win-win partnership

Our business agreements are based on risk sharing and customer satisfaction. We work with you to develop a customized plan and flexible conditions so you can get the most out of our collaboration. And with our team, you’re never tied to a pre-established service contract. We follow your pace. When you hire Fusion Contact, you get a complete and competent team that will match your cruising speed.

Increase your business development performance

Guaranteed results

We build each of our agreements according to clear expectations and well-established goals. We guarantee to:

  • Achieve the agreed-upon results
  • Meet established deadlines
  • Work with you efficiently and proactively
  • Represent you with skilled and professional agents
  • Use well-targeted prospect lists tailored to the clientele you want to reach


A telemarketing team modelled on your business

Let’s develop a partnership so our telemarketing team becomes an extension of your sales department. For us, transparency and teamwork are keys to success. Our telemarketing experts use a proven methodology. They get to know your company, its processes, values and language, to flawlessly represent you to your target customers. Our experts know what high-quality appointments mean for you, and they put all their skill to work to obtain them.

Want to meet your new sales team as soon as possible?

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our team

See for yourself why working with us makes all the difference.

Our team members excel at telemarketing. They really enjoy their work, and they’re motivated and committed.
It’s win-win!